April 20, 2023 — Today’s healthcare industry faces multiple challenges — looming clinician shortage, technological advances and cybersecurity threats, to name a few. Enter HIMSS with a solution: continuing education for information technology professionals and clinicians alike. 

Dubbed the “HIMSS Center for Professional Excellence,” the immersive program offers HIMSS’ expansive global network of experts, thought leaders, resources, publications and other assets. It is geared to shore up a pipeline of workforce in healthcare IT – executives, clinicians and staff. 

HIMSS is renowned for its many continuing education programs for credentials and licensures. The longtime proponent of digital healthcare brings heft, knowledge and innovation to the marketplace with its latest offering. 

HIMSS executives will announce the program’s launch on the week of April 17 in Chicago at the 2023 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, widely considered the global standard of substantive healthcare strategy and innovation. 

“Our plan is to build a wave of digital health-conscious workforce. HIMSS provides highly relevant, timely and impactful education and experience for the ever-changing demands in the digital health ecosystem,” said HIMSS Chief Products Officer Reid Oakes

“It makes perfect sense that HIMSS takes the helm to educate all levels across the enterprise, Reid added. “Through HIMSS’ Maturity Models, we’ve enabled hospitals to validate their digital health maturity; by creating the HIMSS Center of Professional Excellence, we fortify this evolution by providing a learning environment that enables changemakers to prepare for the future of healthcare, today.” 

The HIMSS Center’s first offering is slated for late summer 2023, a 9-month program for aspiring chief information officers. The academic program is comprised of thought leadership, team-based learning, case-study analysis, webinars, book reviews, community service and other formats. Included is a 2-1/2 day in-person class in Torey Pines, San Diego. Future programs offer immersive experiences for other critical stakeholders in the digital health ecosystem. 

“We are very excited about all that the HIMSS Center for Professional Excellence has to offer,” said HIMSS Vice President, Professional Development JoAnn Klinedinst. “We’ve designed this offering so that health information and technology professionals have access to tools and resources to keep them equipped throughout their professional life.” 

For more information: www.himss.org 

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