I personally don’t see myself getting value for my taxes. I’m sure many others feel the same, writes Dennis Johns.

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To keep this brief: In 1992, I entered the hospital for emotional and physical exhaustion. The doctor said I would be there for eight to 12 weeks to fully recover. I lasted six, as even then they had to make a bed available for new patient in more need than I. So I ended up finishing my recovery with the aid of my family at home.

Twenty-one years later, I had another psychotic episode, this time resulting from overwork, insomnia and extreme anxiety. I went to the emergency department fully expecting to be placed in the hospital again. Only this time I am told that we don’t put people in the hospital for my condition anymore; we send you home with prescription meds and a 1-800 phone number. In emergency, I received one of the most condescending conversation of my life, basically telling me to “suck-it-up”,  (which I had been doing already), go home and take care. But before I left, they had me sign a document saying I wouldn’t commit suicide nor would I harm others. So as I left, I understood, that they were more worried about someone suing them than actually assisting me.

Thank goodness for my friends and family, because if I had been completely alone, I’m sure I wouldn’t be writing this letter today.

I will ask the question I have asked numerous times in this very forum: Where does all the money go? We pay more and more and get less and less. Since it is most governments’ thinking that the for-profit private sector can do a better than a government agency, that actually pays their employees a living wage, I propose the following: Why don’t we privatize government itself? As governments continue to hack and slash front-line worker-bees and then add layers upon layers of management to micro-manager every nit-picking detail, I personally don’t see myself getting value for my taxes. I’m sure many others feel the same.

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Dennis Johns, Regina


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